The Artisan

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A Rustic, Hand-Crafted 21st Century Take On The Old Fashioned, Barber’s Shaving Strop!

Designed for razors and hand-carved using sustainably sourced rubberwood, The Artisan is 100% hand-made from stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra and comes complete with a handy travel bag made from authentic Thai fabric.

The Artisan is animal-friendly and approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK. And of course, by extending the life of your razors, you are throwing fewer razors into landfill, which is good for the environment, while saving you serious money every time you lather up!

PLEASE NOTE: As the product is hand-crafted in a rustic fashion, no two Artisans are the same and the final product sent to you may differ from the image shown. Please do not expect an ultra smooth, mass-produced, factory finished product.

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