Kerecis Omega3 Footguard

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•Dry and extremely dry skin on feet
•Callosities on feet
•Cracked skin on feet without sores
•The diabetic foot (with the above conditions)
•A big part of the population suffer from cracked and soar feet
•Current solutions demand frequent application and abrasion

Product Overview;
•Maintains the skin’s moisture seal-in function
•Restores the health of the natural intercellular fatty acids
•Relives symptoms of very dry, cracked feet
•mOmega3TM provides the product with better efficacy than exising products on market
Clinical work
•Case studies on over 50 patients
•Recommended by 96% of podiatrists in Iceland

Quad action
•mOmega3TM – Strengthens the lipid- and protein-rich intercellular filling material
•mCollagenTM particles – Help the skin’s building blocks to strengthen, maintain and condition the skin
•Glycolic Acid 7% – keratolytic, increases the skins permeability and facilitates skin pealing
•Carbamide 10%- Moisturizing and hydrating


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