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3% Of The Population Have Psoriasis

•Very dry and thick skin
•Scaly skin
•Skin with psoriasis (with the above conditions)

Product overview;
•Calms the skin
•Reliefs itching
•Facilitates the removal of skin flakes and scales
•Rehydrates and exfoliates scaly skin
•Softens to provide smoother texture and appearance
•mOmega3TM provides the product with better efficacy than exising products on market

Quad action
•mOmega3 TM fatty acids – Supplement the skin´s intercellular filling material, relaxing the skin and reduces itching
•mCollagen TM particles – Help the skin’s building blocks to strengthen, maintain and condition the skin
•Glycolic Acid 5% – Expedites the release of skin flakes from the skin
•Carbamide 5% – Hydrates and increases the skin´s water binding capacity


•Locobase LPL – Contains 5% lactic acid
•Hydrocortison – Steroid creams; non-prescription
•Eucerin – Carbamide 5%, contains no acid for skin peeling


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