Kerecis Omega3 Smooth

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•Male and female shawing increasing resulting in more common problems with skin ingrowth
Product overview
•Exfoliates irritated hard skin at follicle opening
•Relaxes the skin
–Makes it easier for tiny body hairs to penetrate the stratum corneum
•Softens the skin
–Allows for east skin bumps rubbed off
Indented use
•Bumpy skin (chicken skin)
•Keratosis Pilaris prone skin
•Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Ingrown hairs and razor bumps)

Quad action;

•mOmega3 TM fatty acids
–Supplements the skin´s intercellular filling material
–Relaxes the skin
•mCollagen TM particles
–Form a protective layer across removed damaged skin
•Glycolic Acid 10%
–Softens skin bumps
–Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs
•Carbamide 10%
–Hydrates the skin
–Increases the skin´s water binding ability


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