Kerecis™ mOmega3™ XMA


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•Skin inflammation (eczema, dermatitis) is a common problem addressed by multiple products. mOmega3™ containing product provides unique differentiation
Product overview;
•Relaxes and sooths the skin
•Rehydrates and reliefs skin tension
•Reduces itching
•Protects sensitive skin
•mOmega3™ provides the product with better efficacy than existing products on market

Intended use;
•Red skin
•Inflamed skin
•Eczema prone skin (with above conditions)

Dual action;
•mOmega3™ fatty acids
–Supplement the skin´s intercellular filling material
–Relieves tension and skin redness

in 30 days;
•Collagen particles
–Form a protective layer on red, sore skin


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