Toilet Posture – Have You Been Doing It Wrong Your Whole Life?

We are going to get personal for a minute here. Very personal, in fact. Let’s talk about the way you use the toilet. We all do it and it isn’t something to be embarrassed by so we are going to be very blunt in saying that you might have been using the toilet wrong all of these years. It’s not your fault though, it is more your toilet’s fault as it was designed improperly and that design hasn’t changed much since its original invention. Western toilets, or the toilets that many of us use in our homes and in public restrooms are responsible for our poor toilet posture and could be the cause of many physical problems such as IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), hemorrhoids, constipation and appendicitis. That’s right, the way you are sitting on your toilet could be causing a wide range of health problems that you might be suffering from right now.

How Do You Sit on the Toilet?

Let’s take a look at how you sit on the toilet. Chances are, you, like many others, sit as you would in a chair, or you might even sit leaning forward slightly as you scroll through social media on your smartphone. This is quite possibly the worst toilet posture you could have as it tends to interfere with the movement in your intestines.

The 90-Degree Position

In the 90-degree position that many of us have adopted, the natural design of our intestinal pathway can become partially sealed off causing us to stress and strain, forcing ourselves to go. This can lead to constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids, or other bowel related health issues.

The 35-Degree Position

If you sit in the 35-degree position, or natural squatting position, you are sitting more naturally and enabling your bowels to do their job effectively and easily. This is also more comfortable for your body as your back is not straining and you are in a completely natural squatting position. This position is much healthier and it doesn’t constrict your intestines which also helps you avoid many health problems associated with this region.

Without falling off of your toilet, how can you take advantage of the 35-degree angle toilet posture? You could put a small stool at the base of your toilet and place your feet on it while you go. There is one specially designed product available that can improve your toilet posture and that can make going number 2 easier and more comfortable and that product is the Squat Easy. Not only does the Squat Easy improve your toilet posture, but it can also help you prevent a wide range of intestinal problems making you healthier and happier in the process.

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