What Makes the Instant Ice Wrap So Great?

As humans, we work hard, and we play hard, and sometimes, we get hurt doing it. Whether you got hurt at the office, while working out in the gym or picking up the kids after school, you want immediate relief. In fact, its more than a want, it’s a necessity. You have things to do and you don’t have time to be sidelined by an injury, so what do you do?

You could reach for the pain reliever and take a few pills and maybe feel better in a couple of hours. That is, until the medication wears off and the pain comes back. Or, you could reach for the Instant Ice Wrap and feel better right away as the soothing relief helps your body heal faster ensuring that your pain won’t come back. What is the Instant Ice Wrap and what makes it so great? Let’s take a look:

The Instant Ice Wrap is a unique, convenient and ready-to-use cool treatment for injuries. It combines the aspects of cooling and compression to support an injured body part. The Instant Ice Wrap provides 360 degrees of compression and cold therapy during recovery for faster return to activity. And that is something that we can all agree on is important when we have work and family’s that take precedence over everything else.

How Does the Instant Ice Wrap Work?

With most injuries, we either apply heat or cold to them to reduce swelling and ease the pain. Unfortunately, this only works until we remove the ice pack or warm towel, then the pain comes back along with the swelling. With the Instant Ice Wrap, the injury is wrapped and instant cooling and compression are applied which reduce the pain and swelling more effectively, helping the injury to heal faster. The Instant Ice Wrap works so well because the compression helps to keep blood flow to the injured area at normal levels reducing swelling and the cold helps to relieve the pain within seconds. The Instant Ice Wrap is easy to use, requires no refrigeration and can be used on knees, wrists, ankles and elbows associated with muscle injuries.

The best part of the Instant Ice Wrap is that it is completely portable and doesn’t need to be kept cold. This means that you can have one in your briefcase, purse, gym bag, in the car or anywhere you need instant pain relief on the go. You can get your Instant Ice Wrap at Big On Health and feel the instant pain relief for yourself today!

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